Sunday, 15 September 2013


So Here are some of the lovely bits Louise has made for us, All of our pictures to date are on our facebook page
                                         Here we have a Card and matching Tag,

                                         Using our 15mm Mulberry Paper Roses 

With our Grosgrain Ribbon and our Flat Back Beaded Pearls

Meet Louise

My Lovely friend Louise is a keen Scrapbooker and makes fantastic cards, so when I told her about Mine and Sara's New venture she was very excited to take a look at our bits.

Louise was not expecting our bits to be "So Lovely" stating our pictures we had didn't do our products any justice. So with even more hard work Louise gave me Ideas on what sort of picture to do to showcase our bits in a better way, I'm still not fantastic at it but can say "I took those pictures" when people look at our website.
This is one of the first picture Louise sent
 me of our bits, I just love it

As time went on seeing Lou at lunch every other week with our other friends we got chatting more and more about crafty Business and ways to advertise and go forward. We Started Giving her bits of ours to use so we could showcase our bits on facebook we made Louise our "Designer" Like she hasn't got enough to do with looking after her 3 Boys, working and designing for other companies too (yes she is that good). Take a look at her Blog

She now makes us lovely bits for us to Showcase our products and as you can see from the quality of the pictures she takes the photos of them! 

Creative Colour Kits

Announcing our new Creative Colour Kits
...for your card making
...for your present wrapping
...and for your scrapbook layouts...

 Each month we will be releasing a new Creative Colour Kit. The idea behind these kits is to give you a little of everything rather than a lot of one thing. These kits have been designed with your creative projects in mind and will add that extra special touch to all of your projects...


 With Christmas fast approaching This month we are releasing- Silver Delight. The kit includes

•a pack of clear self adhesive Rhinestone gems
•10 15mm Mulberry white flowers
•10 meters of 1/2" Silver Satin Ribbon
•a roll of silver washi tape
•5 white pegs
•5 little silver made with love charms
•6 ... Silver buttons
•5 Ivory cabochon flowers

For the Great Price of £7.75

As a thank you for purchasing Silver Delight this month we will enclose a 10m wrapping of our Grey Bakers Divine Twine.
Keep a check on our facebook page this week to see some projects we have put together using the kit.


Friday, 13 September 2013


So we have finally entered the world of blogging...... looking at other blogs on here there are so many very talented people! We have loved looking at all the different things people have designed and made.

I used to do some scrapbooking years ago making books for my mum and sister then started on my eldest sons first year I am half way through but haven't done anything for about 2 years, starting up crafty business with Sara and looking at all of the lovely blogs maybe just maybe I may finish what I started those years ago, maybe even get the other two I have waiting done this space.